Want to be in our coffee table book?

028To celebrate 15 years of making hand-crafted goods in the USA, we are putting together a coffee table photo book featuring only well-worn Billykirk items.

It’s easy!  All you need to do is email us a photo of your item(s) to info@billykirk.com as well as a brief history of the item(s) for a chance to be featured. Belts, Wallets, Card Cases, Satchels, Bags…nothing will be excluded!  Each item will fill an entire 12”x12” page and your name and story will be mentioned below the photo.

If your item(s) is chosen, our friend and professional photographer, Tatsuro Nishimura, will photograph your item(s) in his studio in New Jersey and once it is photographed will be promptly returned to you.

For your participation, you will receive a personalized and signed copy of the book from founders and owners Chris and Kirk Bray.

Looking forward to seeing everyones well-used and well-loved Billykirk goods! See below for some good examples!

Look good, write well: 4 gifts for writers in 2014

New Year's Gifts For Writers

The biggest New Year’s resolution for writers (in 2014 and in previous years) is simply to write. Whether 80 words or 8,000 words, daily writing is essential – and it’s something a writer can only do for himself. But I know plenty of loved ones want to find the perfect way to show support of writers in their lives – and fancy pens seem to be the go-to gift. They’re beautiful and functional, but they’re also arguably one of the least practical, most-gifted items given to writers during the holidays. Anyone who enjoys writing – whether prose or correspondence – should own a nice pen, but no more than one really fancy pen is needed.

There are plenty of nice everyday objects that can help organize and inspire the authors and wordsmiths in your midst. As someone who writes and edits upwards of 3,000 words a day, I looked through Billykirk’s online collection and found four beautiful and functional gifts I think any writer would appreciate to start the New Year.

1. The leather journal holder. 

Leather journal holder

A welcome alternate to a book with blank pages, this journal holder adds a nice facelift to the notebook your friend is already working her way through. Sized to easily fit in a backpack, purse or satchel, it’s perfecting for jotting down ideas on a train, park bench or wherever inspiration strikes, and a pen will always be handy thanks to its built-in pencil-holding clasp.

2. The schoolboy satchel.

Leather schoolboy satchel

The leather schoolboy satchel looks important, but not pretentious. It has a timeless nostalgia, seeming to be something Hemingway or Anne Patchett would wear with equal delight. And it would look smart on anyone who aspires to be professionally creative. With compartments that can easily fit a portfolio or manuscript, a laptop and whatever magazine or book a writer is reading in a given moment, it’s practical – while also a nice way to dress for the job you want.

3. The pencil case.

Canvas pencil case

Great to stash in or on a desk, keep in a leather satchel  (ahem, see gift idea No.2) or tuck away somewhere with a reserve of those aforementioned fancy pens. The pencil case is a simple-but-handy gift, unassumingly stylish in worn-in canvas, which also helps absorb the mess of any ink leaks. Plus, someone in a writing profession is always the first person expected to have a writing implement on hand: He’ll always know where to find this case and look super on top of the pen situation.

4. The canvas iPad sleeve.

iPad sleeve in olive

While I’m admittedly not inspired by the thought of writing on tablets, friends are increasingly citing this as the journal of the future. Especially those working as on-the-ground journalists. Many of my friends who write have put iPad sleeves on their wish lists this year, and I think this olive one is a great option. While I also like the Billykirk version available in leather, the canvas one would nicely fit inside a larger satchel – and it still looks good as a standalone carry item.

These are great tools to add to a writers’ kit, and here are some reflections on writing to get pens moving and keyboards tapping in 2014:

 “The Getaway Car” (excerpt), by Anne Patchett, as posted by Byliner.

New Year’s Day Sale: Leather trays, for an organized 2014

New Year's Day Leather Sale

Top New Year’s resolutions’ lists generally include saving money and getting organized. Our No. 309 Leather Change Tray can help de-clutter, store cash and add a stylish new element to your desks or bureaus for the new year. In honor of 2014, we’re marking down the price to $20.14 for all orders placed from midnight New Year’s Eve to midnight New Year’s Day.

Here’s a look at some of our discounted leather trays, available while supplies last. Click for full product details:

No.903 Leather Tray Anchor

Leather Tray Change Is GoodNo. 309 Leather Tray Jackalope

No.309 Leather Tray classic

Be sure to check out some of our other American-made leather bags, belts and travel carryalls to give you a fresh look for 2014 with goods you can count on to last for years to come.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year, from Billykirk.

Leather boxes for simple wrapping with style

American-made leather box

hand-stitched leather box

The logic behind wrapping gifts feels flawed: Spending time putting something together that’s intended to be ripped apart. So we’re putting together something that you’ll want to save. Hand-stitched, American-made leather boxes.

These are in the works, and may be available in more colors soon. You won’t find them on our site, but can request orders by contacting us.

If you’re last-minute shopping for this holiday season, be sure to check out our stocking stuffer ideas, as well as our seasonal bags and menswear ideas.

Concrete paperweights: Sturdy, solid style

Concrete paperweights designer homeware

Paperweights have been around as long as desks, but the earliest recognized “classic” paperweights came up in the 1840s, and they were generally made of glass. We think today’s standards invite more sturdy construction, so ours are not your traditional floral weights.

We got together with Concrete Cat to cast some of our classic Billykirk wallets, card cases and other compatibles into durable paperweights.

Concrete paperweights designer homeware1.jpg

Why concrete?

Concrete paperweights designer homeware2.jpg

Just like our leather is sourced to last and age, we find that concrete has industrial strength but can be sculpted for artistry: We promise the casting system we use doesn’t turn out a cinder block. Our paperweights look and feel like real stone, and each one is unique. Concrete Cat is a partner who makes concrete that is reliable, yet somewhat unpredictable: Each weight has its own shade that comes from a unique toning process.

What’s more is just like we can tell you where every inch of our leather comes from, the materials used by Concrete Cat are sourced within the U.S. and Canada. Environmentally sustainable from places with fair compensation standards.

Industrial strength with style

Check out some of our newest homeware items.

concrete homeware, Billykirk

Like a good leather bag, these weights will show some natural wear with age that makes them more customized.