A ‘handsome’ belt pouch that marries tech with the timeless: Testimonial

Belt Pouch No.90

Disclaimer: What follows is perhaps not so much a testimonial as it is a quote that rings true for us daily as we drop Powerbooks, iPods or cameras into their proper Billykirk pouch or satchel. Still, this customer enjoys his No. 90 belt pouch for the very reason we create it.

“Your work is very handsome. I like the seemingly ancient and future connection between Amish traditions and the oncoming technological world.”
Cincinnati, Oh

Mixing high-tech gadgetry with age-old leather making techniques and hand-stitched details is one of the characteristics that embodies what is Billykirk.

When we were designing one of our earliest iPod cases around 10 years ago, this customer quote could have well been the driving force behind our work. After all, our Amish manufacturers probably have no idea what a phonograph is let alone an iPod. When we visit them with new designs, it’s interesting to see their reactions. Having them make cell phone and camera holders for us, gadgets they are not allowed to use, is strangely obscene in a way.

We’re glad that Jack is enjoying this pouch for contemporary toys that gives a nod to timeless craftsmanship.

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leather iPad sleeve and laptop folio