Leather boxes for simple wrapping with style

American-made leather box

hand-stitched leather box

The logic behind wrapping gifts feels flawed: Spending time putting something together that’s intended to be ripped apart. So we’re putting together something that you’ll want to save. Hand-stitched, American-made leather boxes.

These are in the works, and may be available in more colors soon. You won’t find them on our site, but can request orders by contacting us.

If you’re last-minute shopping for this holiday season, be sure to check out our stocking stuffer ideas, as well as our seasonal bags and menswear ideas.

Worn in: Photos of a well-aged leather wallet

leather wallet
We design our leather bags, card cases and other items for men and women to wear them well and watch them improve with age. It’s always  nice when Billykirk buyers  send us pictures of their worn-in merchandise, and we couldn’t have asked for nicer shots than the ones of the No.155 leather wallet we received from customer and photographer Scott Rounds. We met up with Scott at last weekend’s Pop Up Flea menswear event. He shared how his wallet gets better over time.
My mom bought me this wallet for Christmas in 2008. It started life with me in the natural finish, and within just a couple months had already taken on a nice brown hue, along with some polish from going in and out of my pocket. Early in 2009, I took a job as a bicycle mechanic, which I would end up doing for that entire year. After that, I managed to get on my feet as a photographer, which is what I’m still doing now. I also ride, race and wrench on motorcycles, all of which has made my wallet look the way it does after 5 years of use.
The wallet has been in my back pocket every single day since then, traveling through more than a dozen states and probably at least 4 countries. It’s been with me to the hospital, it’s seen a couple run-ins with the cops. It has been to the motorcycle races, and sunny days on a blanket in the park. There isn’t any other single thing that I’ve handled and used every day for five years.
Scott Rounds
This  particular item was a collaboration with the now defunct bicycle manufacture, Freeman Transport.  (You can see “Freeman” faintly embossed across the closing strap.) But we’ve still got plenty of the No. 155 card cases with flaps in stock, as well as bi-fold card cases, snap trucker wallets , zip wallets and more.

Concrete paperweights: Sturdy, solid style

Concrete paperweights designer homeware

Paperweights have been around as long as desks, but the earliest recognized “classic” paperweights came up in the 1840s, and they were generally made of glass. We think today’s standards invite more sturdy construction, so ours are not your traditional floral weights.

We got together with Concrete Cat to cast some of our classic Billykirk wallets, card cases and other compatibles into durable paperweights.

Concrete paperweights designer homeware1.jpg

Why concrete?

Concrete paperweights designer homeware2.jpg

Just like our leather is sourced to last and age, we find that concrete has industrial strength but can be sculpted for artistry: We promise the casting system we use doesn’t turn out a cinder block. Our paperweights look and feel like real stone, and each one is unique. Concrete Cat is a partner who makes concrete that is reliable, yet somewhat unpredictable: Each weight has its own shade that comes from a unique toning process.

What’s more is just like we can tell you where every inch of our leather comes from, the materials used by Concrete Cat are sourced within the U.S. and Canada. Environmentally sustainable from places with fair compensation standards.

Industrial strength with style

Check out some of our newest homeware items.

concrete homeware, Billykirk

Like a good leather bag, these weights will show some natural wear with age that makes them more customized.

What’s in store for NYC Pop Up Flea (Dec 6-8): Q&A with Michael Williams


What if this year’s holiday shopping – and much of your personal shopping for the year – could be done in a weekend? That’s the thought behind menswear market Pop Up Flea. With its seventh installment set for this weekend in NYC’s Mercer Building, PUFs’ featured styles and merchandise are curated to fill every closet need, from shoes, belts and sweaters to carryalls and coats. The event unites stylish gents (and the people who shop for them) with an eclectic mix of designers over honest, well-crafted menswear. And the Flea is bigger this year than ever before. I had a chance to chat with Michael Williams, Pop Up Flea co-founder and creator of A Continuous Lean. Read on for what to expect at this year’s NYC Pop Up Flea this year, and Williams’ thoughts on why quality goods always go well together.

For the uninitiated, give us a Pop Up Flea primer: What made you and Randy Goldberg start this venture?

Billykirk Pop Up flea interview quote 1Randy and I were thinking about opening a store, but instead of opening a permanent store, we thought, “Let’s open it one weekend at a time.” Plus, people wanted to meet the designers behind the brands, not just merchants. It’s a shopping event and also a meeting place.

Each Pop Up Flea is a vehicle to get the word out about good designs, and the brands that were there in the beginning took a leap of faith to do this with us.

When the event started, it was sometimes associated with American-made heritage: Do you think that’s still part of Pop Up Flea’s culture?

It’s always been about the timelessness behind the brand. It’s not meant to be precious or to focus so much on where things are made – it’s about showing things that last.  We’re interested in showing that everything quality works well together. What would everyone want to wear, and what won’t ever go out of style?

We sort of think of it as, everyone good is there, and everything there is good. Good designs and good people. A lot of brands that come are friends of ours, and there’s a good natural selection of a lot of well-made things. We approach the vendor list asking, “What brands would we carry at a store?” It’s no such much a curation as how we would design our own closets.

If you only wanted to do one weekend of shopping per year, this would be a place where you could do it.

But you’re running the Flea a bit more frequently now: You just had your first London show, and this year’s NYC has the most vendors to date. How do you account for that growth?

Billykirk Pop Up Flea interview quote2There’s a lot of good stuff out there: It’s fun when you can get good brands and interesting people in one space. There’s something for everyone, whether you just come by or you’re there to shop. The London show was great.

For New York, we started with 12 vendors, and this year we have over 50 vendors. We’re really excited about the group we have. And 82 Mercer is classic open space, a huge loft: We’ve had an eye on it for quite some time and we’re finally at the point where it’s a big enough event to support it.

What can people look forward to at this year’s larger event?

We have some new vendors. Steven Alan is joining us for the first time, and New Balance and Shinola will be there. Shinola was with us in London – there is definitely some overlap. And we’ve also got some of the designers who have been with us since the beginning, like Billykirk.

I know this is Billykirk’s sixth Pop Up Flea.

Honestly, Chris and Kirk [Bray, of Billykirk] are the perfect embodiment of what we want Pop Up Flea to be – the way they’re involved in the company, their personalities. Having people come to the event to see their stuff and be able to meet them is perfect. The way they operate was part of what planted the seed for the event. We like what they make, we like what they stand for.

[See a preview of what Billykirk is showing at this year’s Pop Up Flea here.]

What are your plans for Pop Up Flea in the future?

We want to continue to expand and bring it to new places. We’re looking to add more cities next year, domestic and abroad.

Billykirk Pop Up flea interview quote 3

Pop Up Flea NYC is perfectly timed for holiday shopping: Any must-haves for someone shopping for a stylish guy at the Flea?

I try not to shop at all! All I do is talk about clothes. But one of the ways I manifest all of that is by organizing this event. Everything there is going to represent the strongest collection of brands you’ll find in New York City.

If you’re in the NYC area, check out Pop Up Flea Dec 6-8 at 82 Mercer. Full event details here, and be sure to say hello to Billykirk.

Support U.S. made with Billykirk’s Small Business Saturday deal

Small Business Saturday

Support local, support U.S. made this holiday shopping season. As a follow up to our Black Friday sale, we’re offering 15% off on our entire website for Small Business Saturday. Shop leather bags, designer belts, women’s clutches, canvas carryalls and more.

Our Small Business Saturday deal details: 

  • 15% off on our entire website until midnight, Saturday, Nov 30
  • Use Billykirk disount code SBS13 at checkout

Thanks to those who made our Black Friday sale a success!